January 2013 Featured Customer

Darrel "Dooley" Jackson


  • 2008 Harley Davidson Road Glide

Customer Bio:

  • "I began riding motorcycles in high school in the 80’s. After being out for years, I bought this 2008 Road Glide and have been customizing ever since. It is on its third makeover. I am currently customizing Harley’s for several customers. I have known Jerron for years through drag racing (another passion of mine) and he convinced me to allow him to paint the bike. Imagine That Customs has painted the bike twice and no one else will ever paint my bikes."
    -Darrel Jackson


  • Dawn "Shug" Jackson (Wife)
  • Aleisha Gaddy (daughter), Danielle Jackson (daughter), Ashley Jackson (daughter) and Darrel “Buddy” Jackson, Jr. (son)


  • Seven "Best in Show" Awards

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