May 2012 Featured Customer

John Farr


  • 2002 Racetech Dragster, Fully updated in 2011 | Best ET/MPH: 7.49 at 175 mph


  • John Farr
    • "I have been involved in Racing one way or another since about 1971. I started by hitchhiking to tracks around the country and talked my way into working for some major teams at the time (Ie: Sox & Martin PS, Chi-town Hustler FC, Pabst Blue Ribbon Charger FC, Clive Skilton TF for several years. After I got married and had children finances wouldn’t allow me to play and travel, so I got a real job and just followed it on TV."

      "In 2007, I decided If I was ever going to do it, now was the time. I bought the current car from Steve Witherow (Doesn’t everybody?) and had Kevin Fisher of Performance by Fisher in Lima, Ohio put a motor in it and get it safe. I have been traveling up and down the east coast since then racing mostly QR/SC with an occasional bracket race or Top Dragster. For the last three years, Troy Williams of Va. Has maintained the car for me." - John Farr


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